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For Catering tray (half or full) orders, please place your order 24 hrs. ahead of time.
All Catering Tray Orders, must be picked up or delivered by 5pm. We are committed to completing your order as accurately & efficiently as possible. Add additional time for the delivery option.

Half Trays serve 6 – 8
Full Trays serve 10 – 15

Racks and Sternos available for $10 per rack cash deposit. Please mention in the notes of your order that you'd like Racks and Sternos added to you order. Note, racks and sternos are cash only. 

Delivery note: for orders placed within a 0-5 mile delivery radius, delivery is free for any order. For orders within a 6-10 mile radius, your order total must be at least $150.

Vetro at Home Meals Pick Up Information:
Vetro Restaurant & Lounge
164-49 Cross Bay Blvd.
Howard Beach, NY 11414

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